Community technical stack guidelines

Community members:

When choosing the technical building blocks, we need to have some criteria:

1. Open-sourced

Most software or application would not survive a few decades. Something great today may soon fade. We cannot take even a tiny risk to lose a single digisoul. Opensource software can enable us or future people to migrate freely from one tech stack to another. Take the example of IPFS, even if IPFS failed, we can still have our digisoul data intact.
Opensource means no locked-in to any platform. We can always rebuild, migrate, or rollback digisoul data structures to survive any technical environment.

2. Free

Always remember, post-bio digisouls cannot pay (yes, some may be able but not all of us). The digisoul space is supposed to be friction-free eternally. At least the post-bio souls should not pay.

3. Decentralized

Applications must be decentralized. The digisoul network should be run by its members not by any organization or person. Community consensus is essential to governance.

4. Don’t rebuild the wheel

We are here to help people extend their meaning, enhance their wellbeing, and raise awareness of our digisoul and personal data. We are not a commercial organization that can profit from the softwares and affords a sizable development team. Most of our members can only contribute part-time. Let’s focus on the application side of currently available technologies, glue the blocks together, and try our best to provide a great experience.

Please let me know your ideas.